/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG



just got back from nyc. it was amazing- the clothes, the streets. the stores, the bakeries, the people. photos coming soon. xx



a brunette rosie huntington-whiteley, photographed by nico and styled by belen antolin. she def pulls of both looks. so gorgeous!



don't get me wrong i can't wait for fashion week in new york, but these pics have me second guessing the snow for sun; not to mention behati's effortless style. no wonder they labeled it gunsele kacamak or in english, sunny getaway!
turkish vogue
stylist: mary fellowes
model: behati prinsloo



this is me stoked on my amazing kitchen-must learn to cook.

ahhh! i've been running around like a crazy woman, well what am i saying, i am sort of crazy, flighty, scatterbrained etc. anywaysss, i moved! yay! always ten times more work than i imagine, but i cant wait to get a couch and a dvr, i just see myself now w/ a glass of wine and recorded kardashians haha. on another note t-minus 12 days till NYC and i think its going to be effing cold..i need to buy some big warm jacket snuggy thing that can get my cute outfit underneath from place to place.
i must say i'm so excited for big changes and things to start move'n and shak'n. also, the magazine i work for should go into print soon and that means you'll finally get to see some content (including uh-mazing photoshoots by big photographers) on the blog and website etc. we're also setting up a cool mailer called Treats! Recommends, it'll be filled w/ lots of fun stuf and great gift or self gifting ideas!
i'll keep ya updated! kisses!