/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG



la petite mort 
“the title is a french circumlocution, a metaphor for orgasm but more widely, it can refer to a spiritual release." - valloto

photographer: nicola valloto



love her makeup & boy.

avant garde magazine
photographer: philip riches
model: rianne ten haken


i have a small thing or actually kind of a big thing for street art. found these gems while driving through the back alleys of melrose last week. i don't always love l.a. but this is the sort of thing that keeps the love affair going.
ps. i took the pics w/ my iphone and then used instagram filters



These are a few photos taken in the charming beach town of Pylos, Greece. The first picture is of Emily and I on the edge of the infinity pool at our bungalow over the Mediterranean. No picture or words could describe this bliss.
With every place we visited the people, the food, the landscape were and are so full of life- with each passing day it was easy to fall in deeper love and appreciation for all that is.

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Parisian designer Margit Brandt goes back to their 60's roots for their latest fall campaign.
I cant help, but feel connected to these pictures as they sort of set the mood of the in between time when you travel. If you haven't noticed I've been on a 1/2 month hiatus while traveling through europe. Can't say there isn't something completely liberating about being unplugged, it's been too long since I've stopped and smelled the roses - I can't even begin to explain how revived and inspired I feel.
(a more lengthy travel post coming soon!)