/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG



nyc is booked for fashion week in feb w my lovely beau Bree. i haven't been to nyc since '00. can't wait to experience some real winter weather and fashion in the heart of it all!
2011 is looking out to be a year of travel & prosperity.

sending love to each and everyone of you. happy new year!

Photographer: Gail Albert Halaban
Exhibit: "Out My Window"
Showed at the Robert Mann Gallery in Chelsea, NY '09



im obsessed with these sketches i found by kate mulleavy of rodarte for the movie, black swan; which was amazing but twisted but actually kind of amazing. anyway these are def getting printed, framed and put on my wall somewhere. did i mention the costumes were designed by the brilliantness of RODARTE, it's reason enough to see the movie.


i cannot believe carine roitfeld is leaving french vogue after a ten year reign as their editor-in-chief and an amazing one at that! she's an icon. most, me included, feel like becoming a big editor is THE goal, like you've made it boom done. buttt carine has a completely different outlook on it that has actually inspired me and how i view my career, passions and all those goals in between. she simply said, "it’s ten years that I’m editor of the magazine. I think it’s time to do something different.”  and on top of that she says she has no plan (and that to me is the beauty of it). goes to show there never really is an end goal, success yes but you, me and everyone are always going to crave more out of life and i admire that she's pursuing "happiness" over title. i can't wait to see what she does next!

o ps. hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. mines almost over, ill be heading back to la on monday to get back to business!




hands down one of the most stunning collections of prefall'10. its all about the outer wear!



the cover shoot for id magazine winter. so unique and refreshing!
photographer: david bailey
model: abbey lee kershaw



at my cousins wedding in nor cal
the dairy up the road from my grandparent's almond farm

in spirit of the holidays and sunday i thought i'd share a family photo :)
left to right: my mom, claudia, sister lauren, and lil bro and sis, roxy and nathan (they're twins and the cutest things in the world)
im the oldest!


fabulous morning coffee in dior, chanel, and dolce lingerie.
numero magazine dec/jan'11
photographer: tom munro
model: edita vilkeviciute



Custume December'10
Photographer: Rickard Sund
Model: Linnea Pihl


i really want a faux jacket for winter!

green st. NY - courtesy of the sartorialist.



happy holidays


these heels are so chunky (and im 5'1) i was lost for a moment how to wear, first i'm thinking dress, nylons and dress, um leggings, and then i said fuck it and put on my frankie b jeans w/ the vintage leather jacket. perfecto.



i'm obsessing over this editorial. i don't know if its the colors, model, or the setting. no more no less, it's perfect.
Kurv Magazine - the icons issue (if you couldn't tell she's channeling brigitte bardot)
Model: Alison Arboux
Photographer: Jonathan Segade



i decided to take a few pics before i went off to the magazine. man has my hair grown out, taking advantage of this hair color fad while i can!
Blazer: H&M garden collection
Jumper: H&M
Bag: Marc by Marc patent leather
*and last but not least my fave part of the outfit is my necklace i found while getting willing lost in the parisian flea markets for three hours, meanwhile the parisians stared at my ketchup covered fries (they much prefer mayo)