/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG


andrew garfield is a major babe

ok- so, i've been gone for a minute- a hot, hot minute. but when they say that if you can make it new york, you can make it anywhere they weren't fucking kidding. and that's all i gotta say about that.
now onto bigger and more beautiful things like andrew garfield. yes- the new spider man, i could care less except for that fact that i now have an excuse to stare at him for an hour and half. one things for sure, he's gorgeous and may i add charminggg. i met him couple years ago at fox search light party - i was cocktailing, i about peed because i loved the social network and no one i was working with recognized him. when i saw the social network i didn't even find him that hot - he was awkward cute, but nothing to google about. ANYWAYS- this is how the story goes- i was passing around some horderves and this guy comes up to me asks me if there's soy sauce (i think it was soy sauce, on the horederves because he's allergic) i'm stopped in my tracks by a beautiful british accent, sometimes they can be annoying, but this one was hot i look up and he's grinning at me, my mind goes a million places he looks so familiar, he's so cute ah why do i know him. as i'm stumbling through answering his question it clicks, he's the kid from the social network, andrew garfield ah wahhh it's all a big 2 minute blur of his friend making a joke and some laughter back and forth. i died. so the party went on for a few more hours. he looked like he was with a girlfriend- not that cute, she looked miserable probably because she knew her boyfriend was about to become famous and end up leaving her for a costar wah wah. We would exchange a few words here and there and then at one point i was walking around the pool (it was a rooftop party with a big pool in the center) and i got close to the edge going around the corner and out of no where he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me back from the edge AND IN THE MOST GORGEOUS fucking voice ever ANDREW SAYS "don't want you falling in the pool love." ahhh wahhh i died, but of course i didn't let him see that i just coyly smiled and said something stupid along the lines of "aw well thanks for saving me." i also recently saw him with his now gf emma stone eating at the restaurant i'm working at- they looked miserable...thank god. haha kiddingg anyways i knew i said i swore of actors, but i'll make an exception- andrew give me a ring when you get sick of dating celebs ;)
ooh yea the whole of point of this is because he's currently gracing the cover of VMan and being interviewed by previous spiderman tobey maguire.