/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG



so happy to see one of my fave girls, jessica stam for the flare sept'11 issue.
photographed by max abadian


by far my fave cover for the upcoming LOVE#6 f/w11 photographed by mert & marcus



it's been a good year. lots of friends lots of laughter and the careers on the up and up.
with that said- i would love to be a part of a new thing called Blogger's Wardrobe because i love being inspired and most of all hearing how my findings/ musings/ quips inspire others. blogging is an outlet and freedom of expression for me - i would love nothing more for my blog to reach and inspire a wider audience of all my crazy, passionate, creative, lovers out there! muah!

you get what you give. xx


mmm i love la in the summa. pretty much everything i'm wearing is either brandy melville or h&m. i really need to start actually taking a pic of what i'm wearing before i go out, but i'm crazy and scatterbrained and next thing i know some random number is calling letting me know my cab has arrived.