/// all that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. for a minute I had fear. then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face...LG



hello. so ive been meaning to start my own personal blog for some time i had another blog that was more about inspirational findings etc. (most likely i will continue to post random inspiration here and there, but i really want to stick to this becoming something more personal.)
PrittiGorgeous will follow me on a journey and alternate world filled with passion, art, beauty and life. i'll be posting little tid bits on the who, what, wear of the art/fashion/design world and everything in between like a new purchase, trend, models, fashion week(s), personal style..oh the possibilities are endless.
on a more personal note,
i sort of feel like i've been doing the life thing for what feels like ever, although only four years ago this last october i packed my bags and left a quiet suburban neighborhood in socal for the crazy energy, and i mean crazy life sucking kind of in a good but draining way of energy, all hail, Los Angeles.  no, not a far move, but let me tell you downtown LA felt worlds away from the calm i call home. four years later i've graduated fidm (fashion institute of design and merchandise) moved to the "valley" and moved again to where i currently live "boystown" weho. although i feel ive got quite a few life experiences under my vintage gold clasped waist belt (purchased from the melrose flea-market), technically im just at the beginning. the lines of where i call home have been blurred by laughter, tears, frustration, hope, inspiration, love, determination, ambition... persistance is key. this life thing can be hard, but i have passion, tons of passion, everytime i get knocked down i get back up and since i was not born into the house of Prada or high society's Mortimers (next life) i plan on kicking and screaming my way to the top. and i will most likely never make you read this much again- im short and sweet (literally/figuratively) and thats how i like it.

<3 j.

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